The most in depth PC HARDWARE repairs that can be done. With great power comes great responsibility? with great experience & knowledge comes; all the above.

PC Hardware Repairs Include the below:

  • Hard drives, Memory, CD drive, Fans etc. Any Hardware installations.
  • Processor, Motherboard, Graphics card PCI/AGP replacements.
  • Customized tweaking and Cleaning for improved speed of your system.




The quickest, most reliable i.t support in the business. if i supplied the hardware to you, then you’d wont see us for awhile with its performance, thus only requiring support remotely. Any scare on your screen, & with your word; i can be there virtually.


Need that crucial software to get your work done. What do you need? No request is too outrageous for us.

PC Software Repairs

  • Reformatting of any Operating System.
  • Re-installation of Existing Software.
  • Customized tweaks & secrets for improved speed of your system.
  • Malware, Virus, Spyware removal & recommendations for future prevention.
  • Remote Support Assistance to resolve software repairs.

Data recovery Solutions

  • Forgotten Login Passwords restored
  • Forgotten Login Passwords restored
  • Backup and restore Hard drive – never lose a single setting.
  • Recover Lost or accidentally deleted files.
  • Implemenation of Data loss prevention measures.


Privacy and Parental Control

  • Add customized permissions to each account,
  • Implement parental software, monitor and log overall PC usage including browsing.